Terms of Service

All images on this website are subject to copyright law as outlined in Irish Law. The Copyright remains with the author, Max Fulham.

1. Personal Use of Images

1.1. The use of images by individuals is authorized by the license agreement here. Summary of the key points are outlined below (the license agreement shall be used to seek clarification):

1.1.1 Right of Paternity shall be respected (credit must be given to Max Fulham).

1.1.2 Images shall not be used, edited, affiliated, or involved in the promotion, sale, or publication of any illegal sale/action.

1.1.3 The use of images shall not bring the name of Max Fulham Photography into disrepute.

2. Commercial Use of Images

2.1. Images may not be used unless a license agreement has been reached with Max Fulham. Contact us on: +353 83 838 9407 or max.fulham.photos@gmail.com

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