Game Package

A one game hirer applies to all sporting fixtures under 2 hours (120 minutes) in duration. Prices range from €20-€50. Please get in touch for more information


Half Day Event

A half day event hiring covers events ranging in lenth between 2-6 hours. Prices ranges from €40.00-€100.00. To book, please Contact Us


Full Day Event

A full day event lasts over 6 hours in duration. Prices are available upon request


For events enquiries about bookings for multi day events, or multiple events, please don't hesitate to contact Max Fulham Photography at max.fulhamphotos@gmail.com and Max Fulham will endavour to respond to you as quickly as possible

Max Fulham is delighted to offer tailored plans for sports clubs looking to partner with Max Fulham Photography on an ongoing basis. If your club is looking to partner with a high quality sports and events photographer, please do get in touch. It would be an honor to create a personalized plan for an ongoing relationship with your club.
Booking a tailored plan for your club is better value then the single game packs. You will recieve special discounts on all packages with Max Fulham Photography.

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